Leg Shag

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Leg Shag is a daily leave in treatment that promotes growth and conditions the hide and hair.  It is designed for sheep but works well on cattle and goats too. The Leg Shag is formulated to not burn or leave a hot oily residue in your lamb which cause them to pull and chew at the shag at times.  It soothes as it works, helps straighten the shag and contains natural oils.  The Leg Shag will not burn or build up and leave a oily residue.  The Leg Shag contains nothing that will alter the animals natural hair growth cycle and requires no washing out.
Application: Shake well before dispensing and applying. Apply The Leg Shag to sheep everyday or every other day to achieve maximum results.  Spray all over the legs and work it in with your hands a brush/comb.  Do not use a comb that will pull on the shag and cause it to be pulled off the lamb.  Work it in good and let it set for 5 minutes then lightly blow and work it in, then comb the leg out.
1 Case = 4 Gallons