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Pig Shag is a daily leave-in skin and hair treatment.  Pig Shag conditions and moisturizes the skin and hair while promoting hair growth in swine.
Pig Shag will not clog the pores with heavy oils and dirt and lets the skin breathe.  It won't damage the skin like heavy oils do over time, which can cause flaking and dry dirty skin.
Pig Shag will provide fresh, sleek skin with an undeniable shine while promoting the "new trending" hair growth in show pigs.
Application: Shake well!  Pig Shag is water soluble if you desire to dilute it down for your type of trigger sprayer. Apply the Pig Shag daily.   Brush the pig clean, spray a liberal amount over the pig and brush it in with a soft bristled brush. Requires no washing out. 
1 Case = 4 Gallons